Southwest Michigan has trails for everyone.

From the occasional novice rider to the avid enthusiast. Select any of the trail systems in the chart below for more information and a detailed map. Please be sure to follow the rules of the trail to insure that they remain open for everyone.

IMBA Rules of the Trail

1. Ride open trails only. Respect trail and road closures, and avoid possible trespassing on private land.

2. Leave no trace. You should not ride under conditions where you will leave evidence of your passing, such as on certain soils shortly after rain. Be sure to pack out as much as you pack in.

3. Control your bicycle. Excessive speed maims and threatens people.

4. Always yield the trail. Make known your approach well in advance.

5. Never spook animals. Give animals extra room and time to adjust to you.

6. Plan ahead. Wear a helmet and bring first aid, tire repair and tool kits.

Trails of the Area

Fort Custer Recreation Area

Al Sabo preserve

T.K. Lawless County Park

Kal Haven Trail State Park

Yankee Springs Recreation Area

For additional trail information check the Michigan Mountain Biking Assocoations Web Site: